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Mario and Betty have a very broad history in both Finance and the Real Estate sector and are here to
service any of your individual requests and specific Real Estate needs.

Betty Roberts began her career as a professional specializing in finance. As a broker, and 30-years of
experience in the industry has many layers and began assisting her customers as a foreclosure specialist,
saving their homes from foreclosure through creative negotiations with their lenders, utilizing her
expertise and strategic plan for each individual circumstance and need. Betty’s caliber of expertise in the
field of finance and private money lending has earned her a reputation that is credible and reliable in
creating clear goals and milestones for homeowners to follow preventing their homes from foreclosure.

Betty’s expertise in troubleshooting is creative in negotiations, in several areas of finance, and real
estate. Her years of experience includes the Refinance of 1st, 2nd and in more difficult situations 3rd trust
deeds of both primary and secondary investment properties. She has helped many homeowners
through the foreclosure process, as well as negotiated reductions in their higher than usual interest
rates supporting them through, to a successful modification of terms on their current mortgage, making
their payments more affordable. Betty has always believed in Working together as a team structuring
some very complicated transactions, as a seasoned professional and has always used the phrase
“Teamwork makes the Dream work” utilizing her diverse expert resources for her clients in the process
of Buying and Selling Residential, Commercial and Prime Agricultural real estate.

Mario Roberts began his journey in the Motion Picture Industry as a professional Stuntman for over 35
years, and a Real Estate Broker for 20 years. His reputation and credibility as a seasoned professional in
the Stunt Industry has earned him, A reliable and Trustworthy Source, to his fraternal brotherhood of
Comrades and Fellow Stunt Players, as the “Go-To” for all their real estate needs. Mario has assisted
many fellow Stunt Players, Second Unit Directors and Stunt Coordinators in the selling and home buying
process over the years, and continues to be their “ One-Call-Does-It-All ” and understanding the
complexities that go Hand in Hand, with the Motion Picture Industries protocol… and what it means to
this fraternity when we Say….“ That’s A Wrap ” !

Mario Roberts has performed on many Movie Sets and worked on Various locations around the world
on both Feature Films and Television, and as a Seasoned Veteran Professional in the Industry of Motion
Picture and Television he is also an experienced professional, Real Estate Broker serving all of his fellow
Brothers and Sisters, he refers to as an “ Elite ” Fraternity of Stunt Members, in “ Perpetuity”!

Call Us! One Call Does It All!!

Your Real Estate Professionals and Friends for Life!

Mario and Betty Roberts!

                                           “Real Estate with Integrity is our Service to You”

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